(Effective January 2, 2011, PI 904 will be renamed PI 954)

Specimen Packaging

Note: The outer package must not contain more than 200 kg of dry ice when shipped by aircraft. (However, refer to the relevant airline for dry ice limitations.)

Labeling Outer Package

Completing the Airbill

The Shipper's Declaration Form is not required unless the dry ice is used as a refrigerant for dangerous goods that require a Shipper's Declaration. Then the shipper must include dry ice in the declaration.

When a Shipper's Declaration is not required, the following information must be contained in the "Nature and Quantity of Goods" box on the air waybill and should be shown in the following order:

The net weight of dry ice must be marked on the outside of the package.


The secondary receptacle shall be secured within the outer package to maintain the original orientation of the inner packages after the refrigerant has melted or dissipated.

  For cooling purposes, an overpack may contain dry ice, provided that the overpack meets these packing instructions (904).
  Store packages with dry ice in a properly ventilated area.
  Never handle dry ice with your bare hands, always use gloves.
  Gel packs are not regulated and are reusable.


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