Specimen Packaging


The outer packaging must not contain more than 4L for liquids or 4kg for solids when shipped by aircraft. These quantities exclude ice, dry ice or liquid nitrogen when used to keep the specimens cold. Packages that exceed 4kg or 4L must be shipped by ground transportation or the material must be divided into two or more packages to bring the amount under the 4L or 4kg per package quantity limit.

Primary containers cannot exceel 1 liter for liquids.

Labeling Outer Package

Note: If packaged with dry ice, include a DOT Miscellaneous Class 9 label, UN 1845 and net weight (kg) of dry ice. [See Packaging Instruction 904]

Completing the Airbill

Note: A Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods is not required.


A quantity of 30 mL or less of dangerous goods in Classes 3, 8 or 9 is permitted in each primary receptacle containing infectious substances when used to maintain viability and stabilize or prevent degradation of the infectious substances. (e.g., preservatives like formalin or alcohol) The limit for the entire package is 1liter. This small quantity does not need to be labeled or documented.

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