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USciences Honors Employee Service
Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2014
Contact:  Brian Kirschner
Contact Email:  b.kirschner@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-895-1186
University of the Sciences celebrated its employees on Thursday, June 5, 2014, with the annual employee recognition reception. In addition to honoring employees with five or more years of service, University president Dr. Helen Giles-Gee presented the President’s Special Achievement Award to Dan Severino, director of facilities services. The award is given to an employee for his or her outstanding work performance and achievement during the current academic year. Two other awards recognize work with students. Grace Farber, PhD, Biology, was named the Faculty Adviser of the Year, while Joseph Canaday, Academic Advising, was the Professional Adviser of the Year.

Photo 1 - left to right: University president Dr. Helen Giles-Gee, President’s Special Achievement Award recipient and director of facilities services Dan Severino, and vice president for finance and administration John Vitali.

Photo 2 – left to right:  Professional Adviser of the Year Joseph Canaday, Faculty Adviser of the Year Dr. Grace Farber, University president Dr. Helen Giles-Gee, and Ross Radish, associate dean of students.
2014 Service List 
5 Years of Service
Ann K. Annunziato (College of Graduate Studies)
Patricia R. Audet, PharmD (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business)
Glenn D. Beamer, PhD (Health Policy)
Vernon L. Bolton (Public Safety)
Carol T. Chase, AS (Public Safety)
Brian P. Colfer, MBA (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business)
Emmanuel S. Dalieh (Public Safety)
Mario C. Favacchia, BS (Information Technology)
Kelleen N. Flaherty, MS (Biomedical Writing)
John A. Gans, PharmD (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy)
Scott D. Greene, BS (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy)
Elizabeth A. Janke, PhD (Social Sciences)
Kyung A. Koo, PhD (Misher College of Arts and Sciences)
Michael J. Krasulski, M.L.A., MS (Information Science)
John Lattimore-El (Public Safety)
Melissa G. Marko, PhD (Biological Sciences)
Charles N. McEwen, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Kimberly A. Molinero (Facilities Services)
Kevin C. Murphy, PhD (Humanities)
Rodney B. Murray, PhD (Academic Technology)
Katherine E. Nay, MAEd (Academic Advising)
Dorjderem Nyamjav, PhD (Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics)
Bryan T. Park, BA (Philadelphia College of Pharmacy)
Karen M. Rayner (Controller’s Office)
Laurie N. Sherwen, PhD (Samson College of Health Sciences)
Nancy E. Shils, MS (Institutional Advancement)
Lynesia A. Steward, BA (Institutional Advancement)
Louis Z. Zoro (Public Safety)

10 Years of Service
Ronald E. Bell (Facilities Services)
Angela M. Buchanico, BFA (Marketing and Communications)
Joseph W. Canaday, MEd (Pharmacy Practice/ Pharmacy Administration)
Marc Caserio, MEd (Campus Recreation)
William G. Cunningham, PhD (Dean of Student Affairs)
Katherine M. David, MS (Information Technology)
Deborah Daye (Facilities Services)
Roxanne L. Evans, MA (Student Academic Support Services)
Andrew Harron, MS (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Zerai Khsai (Facilities Services)
Zhijun Li, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Ross Radish, MA (Student Affairs)
Linda A. Robinson, PhD (Social Sciences)
Richard G. Stefanacci, DO (Health Policy)
Edna R. Sumler (Facilities Services)
LeRoy Taylor (Facilities Services)
Vojislava Torbica-Pophristic, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
Anna M. Vaccara (Human Resources)
Vivian G. Valdmanis, PhD (Health Policy)
Stanley L. Wynne (Facilities Services)

15 Years of Service
Edwin S. Addis, BS (Registrar)
Phyllis Blumberg, PhD (Academic Affairs)
Beatrice O. Bolger, Med (Information Science)
Albert C. Borden (Public Safety)
Robert F. Boughner, PhD (Humanities)
Dorothy Y. Flanigan (Facilities Services)
Annette M. Hagans (Facilities Services)
David J. Hardy (Office Services)
Diane M. LaBruna (Student Health and Counseling)
Jeanette McVeigh, MS (Information Science)
Valerie Murray (Facilities Services)
Deborah L. Zayon, BS (Samson College of Health Sciences)

20 Years of Service
Anne Marie Flanagan, PhD   (Humanities)
Anne S. Le  (Pharmacy Practice/ Pharmacy Administration)

25 Years of Service
Vinette M. Achtert, MEd (Safety)
Elaina Corrato (Admission)
Ping Y. Cunliffe, MS (Mathematics, Physics and Statistics)
Lorraine M. Cella (Admission)
John M. Masciantonio, BS (Information Technology)
Dwayne Shaw (Facilities Services)

30 Years of Service
Leslie Ann Bowman, AMLS (Misher College of Arts and Sciences)
Rodney J. Wigent, PhD (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

45 Years of Service
Robert C. Morgan, MEd (Physical Education)

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