PGY 1 Pharmacy Evaluation and Residency Completion

All goals and objectives as set forth by the ASHP Residency Standards and the additional objectives listed above must be achieved by the resident in order to successfully complete the residency.

Based upon a survey of incoming skills and experience, the resident will receive a modified set of residency goals and objectives by the end of the first month of the program. Some ASHP Residency goals and objectives may have already been met based upon prior experience and some additional residency goals and objectives may be added depending on resident interest and program requirements.  This Customized Training Plan (CTP) and residency goals and objectives, will be assessed quarterly by a Residency Advisory Committee (RAC) composed of preceptors and faculty advisors to the resident and residency program director (RPD). The CTP will be updated based upon a review of the resident’s narrative of progress towards goal and objective completion, as well as preceptor evaluations. The CTP may be revised to include remedial work if required by the RAC or RPD to assist the resident with goal and objective completion.

All goals and objectives for the CTP must be achieved by the resident in order to successfully complete the residency. At the discretion of the RPD, the resident may be granted an extension of 6 months (until December 31st) without pay to complete any outstanding goals and objectives pertaining to manuscript submission and research project completion.

A certificate of residency completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the residency.

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