Industry Fellowship: Evaluation and Completion


  • The fellow will be evaluated on an ongoing basis based upon the program goals and objectives.On an interim basis, the fellow will update their progress and and submit an interim report for review.
  • Each fellow will be evaluated by an individualized Fellowship Review Advisory Committee (RAC).This committee is composed of individuals that have ongoing interactions with the fellow over the course of the program or individual rotations.Members of this committee include the fellowship program director and industry preceptors, and may also include ad hoc members such as faculty mentors, teaching certificate administrator, or research mentor.
  • The fellowship RAC will meet with the fellow a minimum of 3 times per year to review goals and objectives, accomplishments to date, progress on research, and feedback from other stakeholders.

Certificate of Completion

  • Upon approval of the Fellowship RAC, Program Director and Department Chair, the fellow will be awarded a certificate of fellowship completion from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.
  • Upon fulfillment of the final portfolio the fellow will awarded a certificate of completion from the Teaching Certificate Program.
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